Cracked tooth? We’ve got you covered.

Our teeth are little enameled miracles, hard as hammers and built to last. They put up with a lot, day in and day out, and still they come up smiling (so to speak ☺) but as tough as they are they’re still not indestructible.

According to this article ( the average hardest bite of most people will crush with a whopping 171lbs of force. A repeated heavy load like this combined with the heavy-duty trouble inflicted by a traumatic bite, clenching, ice chomping, and large fillings or cavities, mean that there are plenty of straws there that can break the camel’s back and give rise to cracks in your teeth.

Add to this the fact that we are living longer and asking our chompers to go much further than ever before and it’s no wonder they sometimes give in; so, what can be done about cracked teeth?

If the crack extends down below the gum-line, then the tooth can become severely damaged, to the point where it loses integrity and it can’t be saved.  But porcelain crowns can often extend the longevity of a failed tooth; they’re a great looking restoration with a tough chemical and physical bond to the underlying tooth structure, and despite being rugged they can be perfectly matched to the look of the teeth, at the dental services in frankfort il this procedure is done all around your teeth.

If all else fails we can fit dental implants, a perfect tooth with a metal root that’s as good as getting your old one back. So, if a tooth has given you its all but finally come up short, never fear. We’re bound to have a solution that will have you smiling again in no time.

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