Structure of a Tooth

At Slone Dental in Lexington, KY, we strongly believe that caring for your teeth is an investment in your overall health, wellbeing and happiness because health is more than just cosmetic, The entire South Bay Prosthodontics Dental Team is committed to giving you a comfortable, pleasant experience while meeting your oral health needs every time in Torrance, CA. Your mouth is your first line of defense against all kinds of health problems, and it’s well known that good dental hygiene can protect you from diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

We also believe that a great smile is one of the keys to your confidence with the good work of a cosmetic dentist for the perfect smile. They say that the eyes are the windows to your soul, so maybe that means your mouth is the front door! We’ve seen so many patients go from hunched, mumbling and tight-lipped to standing tall, speaking their minds and smiling, so we don’t think it’s too strong a statement to say that a bright smile can help make you happier. Followed the best Smile Design on

Your dental services treatment direction is yours to decide but we’ll make sure you understand all the options so that any choices you make are always well-informed. We’ll explain possible outcomes and help you balance the risks and benefits of each dental treatment before you commit.

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