Smile Science

A Personalized Plan for You

We utilize the best digital resources to build your most precise dental experience. Our digital planning technology allows for thoughtful analysis of the face, lips and teeth, which means we can create an incredibly customized plan for our patients to equip them with thorough confidence and understanding of their process. Everyone’s health and appearance requires unique needs, and we’re passionate about meeting them at the highest caliber.

Our Technology

Digital Impressions


iTero® scanning provides a crucial first step in planning for any dental care experience. With this incredibly accurate technology, we can efficiently and precisely build a course of treatment personalized for each patient. Our cutting edge technology makes your smile plan simple and straightforward.

Digital Dentistry


With our fully digitized and state-of-the-art dental practice, our treatment plans are more accurate and more efficient so that your smile and your experience can be built as smoothly as possible. Because we take holistic patient health seriously, we prioritize starting with the most dynamic view of your smile, including 3D models and incredibly detailed analysis of all elements of the teeth, lips and face.

Microscope Precision


At Slone Dental, we conduct all of our procedures with the highest and most technical level of care. With our expertise and our technology, you can trust that any course of treatment will be executed with microscope precision. That’s not just an expression; microscope-assisted dentistry provides up to 400x better visual accuracy than the naked eye.

Our Smile Science

In Action

See the difference Slone Dental can make in your smile!

Our Smile Science In Action

See the difference Slone Dental can make in your smile!