Teeth Whitening

With professional whitening, you can expect to lighten your smile up to five to ten shades. Professional bleaching is a permanent improvement that whitens teeth from the inside out.

The best success and experience in whitening is determined by personal factors like genetics, lifestyle and enamel condition. Slone Dental determines the source of discoloration, the health of the gum and bone, and your potential for sensitivity. Taking this into consideration, we choose a personalized bleaching plan to achieve your goals, as well as offering referrals for extra dentistry problems like malformation.

Professional whitening is more effective and better for oral health than over-the-counter products, and our whitening options feature a range of office procedures to take home trays. Slone Dental designs bleaching trays made with a seal technology that keeps saliva out and the bleach in its most chemically stable form. With this deep penetration of whitening solution, our patients discover dramatic results reaching even the most challenging curves, nooks and crannies. Our custom sealed trays also offer exceptional protection from irritating whitening agents on the gum tissue, and our light or laser technology option can expedite results for a deeper bleaching.

Technology is important in teeth bleaching, and with the use of Best Dental Construction Companies and tools like ZOOM! or KöR Whitening, we offer the most effective options to lighten even the most stubborn stains for your freshest, brightest smile.

Smile Transformations

See the difference Slone Dental can make in your smile!

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“Dr. Slone is truly an “artist of dentistry”. If you are looking for a cosmetic dentist – go see Dr. Slone – she has the vision, skills, and knowledge to improve or create your new smile.”

– Kristi C.

“I absolutely love Slone Dental! Dr. Bishop is phenomenal, she has amazing bedside manner, she is patient, kind, and compassionate! I love all the staff, their friendliness, and very knowledgeable. I would give them 10 stars if possible!” 

– Kimberly C.

“Very prompt and friendly. Thorough with every task. They know I travel 4.5 hrs from Ohio to see Dr Slone. They always go beyond to make the most out of my appointments. They really do care! Highly recommend.” 

– Bev M.