Many adults in the United States have dental issues that go untreated. There’s no shame in getting treatment for dental issues. There’s a reason why other than a general care doctor, a specific doctor for teeth is the most common specialist people see — dental care is extremely important.

If your dental issues have hit a certain level, you’re going to want to think about dental implants. But what are the benefits of dental implants? What can you get out of them that you can’t get out of other procedures?

This article will walk you through everything you need to know.

1. They Prevent Bone Loss

One of the reasons that teeth are so important is that they’re connected to vital bones. When you lose a tooth, a part of your jawbone has less stress on it than others.

This can cause your body over time not to think of that part of the bone as important anymore, which will cause it to reabsorb some of it.

Bone loss can cause other teeth to go loose and potentially fall out. It can make your mouth hurt when you’re chewing, cause your gums to swell, and make new gaps form in your teeth.

A dental implant replicates the weight and feel of a tooth so well that it tricks your body. This can keep you safe from bone loss in the event of the loss of a tooth.

If you have a tooth that’s decaying, we recommend making a plan with a dentist to get some implants in as soon as you plan on getting the tooth out to make sure you don’t lose any bone. If you’ve lost teeth due to an injury, make that appointment ASAP.

2. They Look Natural In Your Mouth

Dental implants won’t just trick your own body, they’ll trick your mirror, too. They are by far the most natural-looking option when it comes to dental procedures. Though they might cost more, every penny will be worth it.

The implant itself acts as an anchor for a crown that acts as the tooth. The implant is drilled down into your gum, just like the roots of your teeth are. When they’re in, you effectively won’t feel a difference.

These implants come in many different shapes, and your expert dentist will be able to tell exactly what sort of implant you need.

Dentures are made to only serve certain functions — they don’t completely act as your teeth. On top of that, knowing that you have to take them out sincerely undercuts the feeling of having teeth, and feeling normal. This is especially impactful on people who are younger.

If you have a dental implant capped off with a crown, you essentially have had your tooth replaced. You can basically live your life the same as you did when you had a tooth. This return to normality is significant in quality of life improvement.

On top of this, dentures — and not to mention leaving the tooth out — will affect the way you speak and chew. Chewing can become painful, making eating a chore.

The teeth significantly affect speech — way more than people realize. In voice and speech classes, a lot of emphasis is placed on how the teeth interact with the tongue to form sounds.

There are certain sounds our mouth can only form because of our teeth — for example, making the “t” sound with your mouth, and notice how much air you blow by your teeth.

3. Dentures Aren’t a Great Option

Dentures might seem like a sensible solution. However, did you know that they cover the roof of your mouth?

This will affect the way your speech works, affect how you chew, and affect the way food tastes. They’ll also need to be taken out later to clean, which becomes a hassle.

These dentures can move around while they eat as well, and you might need to work hard to keep them in your mouth. They can make a clicking noise that can easily become annoying.

To top all of this off, dentures simply can’t deal with bone loss the way that dental implants can. They can cause your jawline to recede, and your body to age prematurely.

Dentures also often need an adhesive to stay in the mouth, which might need to be reapplied after meals. This is also a big hassle.

4. Dental Bridges Aren’t Great Options Either

An in-between option between implants and dentures is dental bridges. Rather than an external object you put in your mouth to act as teeth and take out at the end of the day, or something inserted in your mouth to operate as teeth 24/7, a dental bridge supports several crowns throughout the mouth.

People sometimes go with these because they’re more likely to be covered by insurance, minimize time spent at the dentist, don’t require the recovery of surgery, and cost less upfront.

However, at some point down the road, they have to be replaced. Towards the end of their lifespan, they stop looking as realistic as well, which can decrease the quality of life. They’re also more likely to cause cavities in surrounding teeth because they can’t be cleaned in the same way.

The Benefits of Dental Implants

As you can see, there are many benefits of dental implants. If you want to feel like you have teeth again and prevent bone loss, they’re the best option for you.

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