If you’re hoping to get the best from your health and well-being, don’t forget to prioritize your dental health. Your dental health is essential for digestion and overall health. Caring for your dentistry can save you a lot of pain and trouble. 

Kentucky ranks 5th in the United States for toothlessness. If you’re a Kentucky resident, it’s essential that you find an oral health professional that can keep your teeth and gums in tip-top shape. 

So, how can you find the best dentist available? Here’s what you need to know about choosing Lexington dental care that’ll make a difference. 

1. Understand Your Current Dental Health Needs

Before hiring an oral health professional, make sure that you have a handle on your current state of dental health. This means knowing what kind of dental care you need and how healthy or unhealthy your teeth and gums are. 

For example, you might need extensive repair work, such as a root canal or dental implant. You may just need a cosmetic dentist to provide whitening or other services. 

Think broader than yourself, and make sure you are including the needs of your entire household. There are many family dental professionals that can provide care to your kids as well. 

2. Consider Your Dental Insurance Policy

Make sure that you are clear on your current dental insurance policy. This is a key piece that will help you pay for your visits. Choose a dentist that accepts your insurance policy so that you are getting the most bang for your buck. 

Read through the prospectus of your dental care plan to also know what services are covered. Some dental insurance plans will pay for general dentistry but not cosmetic dentists. Understand your co-pays, deductibles, and how much you can expect to pay in out-of-pocket costs. 

Before attending your first appointment, the dental clinic will run your insurance plan to make sure that it’s active and valid. From here, you can begin taking advantage of the services that they offer. 

3. Ask Friends and Relatives for Leads

When you need the best dental care in Lexington KY, ask around to see who your friends are relatives prefer. In most cases, people who find a dentist that they like go to them for several years. A referral from someone who has a primary care dentist will speak volumes and cut out some of the time that it takes to find the right professional. 

Make sure to ask your friends or relatives why they chose the dental practice and what they like most about them. From there, you can shorten your list and begin contacting dental practices for service. 

4. Stop By for a Meet and Greet

Don’t hire a dentist until you stop by the practice in person. Most dentists are fine with you stopping by for a meet and greet. This will let you see the clinic for yourself to make sure that it is clean, organized, and well-run. 

You can speak to a receptionist and gauge their level of friendliness and helpfulness. Speak to some of the dental professionals at the practice and ask about their background in the field and why they chose this profession. 

It might also help to ask for leads on specialists if they don’t provide all of the services that you need. For instance, a general practice dentist might have a cosmetic dentist in Lexington they can refer you to for services they don’t provide. 

5. Research Lexington KY Dental Resources

Once you have some potential dentists that you can hire, look them up in Kentucky’s business and medical databases. This lets you know that the general or cosmetic dentistry practice is transparent and operates within the confines of the law. 

Look into Kentucky Dental Association (KDA) resources for information on hiring a dentist and taking care of your oral health as a whole. Learn how long the practice has been in business and whether they have ever received any professional reprimands or other setbacks. 

6. Study the Services They Provide

Do your best to hire a dentist that provides all of the services that you need under one roof. This way, you can get all-encompassing oral healthcare that you can trust. 

Some clinics specialize in general dentistry while others also provide cosmetic dentistry and orthodontic care. Make sure to ask about new and different forms of dental care, such as Invisalign and full mouth restoration. Some practices today are even beginning to offer Botox injections and related cosmetic services. 

7. Learn About Their Practice Policies

You need to also understand the policies and protocols under which the practice operates. Doing this will teach you what to expect as a new patient. Find out about their cancellation policy, how to schedule an appointment and any other issues. 

When you are clear on these policies, it streamlines the process of getting the dental care that you need. 

8. Book an Appointment

Finally, scheduling an appointment is the best way to know that you’ve found the right dentist. Book an appointment for yourself and gauge the level of care that you get from start to finish. 

Grade the practice on how easy it is to set up an appointment, how you are handled by receptionists and dental assistants, and the care provided by the dentist. 

Hire the Best Lexington Dental Care

If you’re looking for the best Lexington dental care that you can find, these tips will get you started. 

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