In a study of what kinds of lips dentists, facial aestheticians, and general people find attractive, the highest scores were given to people with Goldilocks lips, or lips that were neither too thin nor too thick.

Not all of us are lucky enough to meet this specific aesthetic goal. Luckily, getting lip filler can plump, define, and beautify your lips for a more attractive, confident smile.

But before you can get the smile of your dreams, you must understand the lip filler shapes that are possible with cosmetic injections. This guide explains the most common lip filler shapes. Read on to find your perfect option.

Natural Lip Fillers

Natural lip fillers are like a ‘your lips but better’ lipstick. They do not significantly alter the shape of your mouth. Instead, this type of lip filler subtly enhances and plumps your natural lips.

This is an excellent choice for patients wanting to add volume to lips on the thinner side. When done right, people may not even notice the change in your smile.

Jennifer Lopez is a great example of someone with a more natural lip filler shape. Her bottom and top lips look more proportional, but the transformation is incredibly subtle.

Rubina Lip Fillers

The Rubina shape is one step up from natural lip filler. It features added volume to the top and bottom lips and a more defined cupid’s bow but no significant change to the natural lip shape.

This is another good option for patients with thinner or thinning lips. But the change to your lips will be more noticeable than natural fillers.

Before she stopped getting lip fillers, Angelina Jolie’s lips were the perfect example of this shape. Her lips circa her Mr and Mrs Smith era featured an even distribution of volume on top and bottom, a signature of this shape.

Cupid Lip Fillers

Cupid lip fillers pay special attention to the Cupid’s Bow- the M-shaped middle section of the top lip that is named for its resemblance to the bow carried by the Roman god of love. Cupid’s Bow lips are the rarest of all lip shapes.

The good news is that you don’t have to be born with a defined Cupid’s Bow to get this look. Hyaluronic acid fillers combined with collagen lip treatments can define the Cupid’s Bow area.

Taylor Swift, model Karlie Kloss, and actress Anya Taylor-Joy are known for their naturally defined Cupid’s Bow lip shapes.

Hollywood Lip Fillers

Hollywood or heart-shaped lip fillers have been the most in-demand shape among celebrities for years now. The final result features a well-defined Cupid’s Bow and fullness in the middle of the upper and lower lip.

This shape offers a youthful, romantic look to the lips. It’s ideal for patients who like the shape of their lower lip, have a natural Cupid’s Bow, and want extra volume on top.

Rhianna, Thor actress Tessa Thompson, and many K-pop idols like Jisoo and Jennie from Blackpink have Hollywood lips. These celebrities also share in common the doe-eyed, youthful look classic to this lip shape.

Pearlique Lip Fillers

The Pearlique lip filler shape is another good one for people with defined Cupid’s Bows. But instead of adding extra volume on top, as with Hollywood fillers, the bottom lip is fully expressed.

This shape works well for people with and without natural Cupid’s Bows. Patients without Cupid’s Bows can get Cupid and Pearlique techniques.

Anne Hathaway is the poster girl for this lip shape. Her top lip is full and features a subtly defined Cupid’s Bow. The bottom lip is even fuller and more voluminous in the middle, forming a subtle pout.

Angelic Lip Fillers

Named for their wing-like shape, angelic lip fillers offer a unique and lesser-used shape. The bottom lip is left natural, while the top lip is fully expressed and elongated.

This is another excellent option for patients who like the shape of their lower lip. It’s also ideal for people with smaller lips and broader jawlines.

Liv Tyler has the iconic example of this lip filler shape. Another celebrity with beautiful angel-wing lips is the actress Victoria Pedretti, best known for her role as Love Quinn on the Netflix thriller ‘You.’

Pillow Lip Fillers

Pillow lips are becoming increasingly popular these days. They are somewhat natural, typically featuring little to no change to a patient’s lip shape. The goal is to add volume to the center of the lips for a lobed look.

This lip filler shape offers a sensual, pillow-soft look to the lips and can work well for any face shape.

Priyanka Chopra, actress Madelyn Cline, and model Emily Ratajkowski are perhaps best known for their pillowy lip shapes. You can also find this type of lip filler on many influencers.

Keyhole Lip Fillers

The keyhole is one of the trendiest lip filler shapes right now. It gets its name from the small hole created at the very center of the upper lip. This technique features volume on the outer sides of the top lip.

This is one of the least natural-looking lip shape options. It requires a lot of volume to get the look. But the good news is that it can work for any mouth shape and is a great way to show off pearly white teeth.

Kylie Jenner is the cover girl for the keyhole lip shape. Her pout features even volume to the lower lip and sides of the top lip. The middle of the top lip is thinner, and the Cupid’s Bow is less defined.

Get These Lip Filler Shapes at Slone Dental

There are lip filler shapes for every preference and natural mouth shape. The ones we’ve listed above are the most popular ways to plump your lips, define your mouth shape, and give you the smile you’ve been dreaming of.

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